Tuesday, September 21, 2010

White House and Stuff

Tuesday was the last weekday for me that would include no class or time at my internship. In the morning all UC Davis students met on the top floor, which had a very nice view, to meet with our counselor and go over a few more things regarding our time at the UC Washington Center.

In the afternoon UC Davis students met on the back of the White House and took the class picture with the White House behind us. About 25 students showed up and some guy who had "Dangerwalker" tattooed on his back wanted to get in on of our pictures and no one really seemed to care so we just let him sit on a few pictures. I have yet to see the prints of the pictures but I hope to find them soon.

After that I make a run to Safeway with my roommates and a few other girls we met from the 6th floor and ended up stocking the fridge and freezer with food that should last me a while. I really love my tote bag because it may look small at first but it can carry a ton of food and then some without me having bring my backpack or using plastic bags.

Several hours of rest later it was time to take a 3 hour night tour of various monuments and memorials around DC. First we stopped by the White House, followed by the Washington Monument which luckily had fewer bugs and mosquitoes flying around compared to when I was there on that hot June night. After that we visited the World War 2 Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial which were fantastic as always. I can only imagine how the duo rallies held by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will look next month around the Reflecting Pool and near the Lincoln Memorial.

On our way back to the UC Washington Center myself and my roommate Maurice  took our own path to the Center and made it back before anyone else did. Nice thing to know that you know your way around DC more than most other people from a UC.


  1. We love reading your blog each day and keeping up on what you're doing in DC. Love the photos! It made us want to go back, especially since the heat, humidity and bugs are gone! Good luck at the Raven Group today!! Miss you!

  2. Have a great day at the RABEN GROUP...sorry!