Monday, September 20, 2010


Today it took me forever to get out of bed so I guess I still have some time adjustments to deal with. Also, my fourth roommate Maurice made it to the apartment late last night and began to settle in this morning. I can already tell he is looking forward to cooking up some meals while we are here. After getting out of the building I made one final run to Safeway and loaded up on as much food as I could fit in my backpack and tote bag. There should be enough food to last me well into next week.

Later in the day Maurice and I walked to the Metro Center to get SmarTrip cards for ourselves and will be put to good use in the coming months. After that we decided to walk by the White House and stayed in nearby Lafayette Park for a little bit. Security was tight due to a small demonstration dealing with disabled people that was taking place near the gates surrounding the White House. After that we headed on back to the UCDC Center and eventually headed to our first round of orientations.

Even though the orientations were boring for the most part. There were two decent sections. One was a powerpoint that included pre-recorded voiceovers from the speaker that had witty commentary and good selections of images that college students could relate to. The other good part was listening to the professors talk about the classes and seminars they would teach and it makes me wish that I was taking more classes here. But since I'll be busy enough as it is I will just stick to what I've got. Also, the verbal jabs some of the professors were funny.

To round out the day myself and the other three roommates watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report along with a side of MNF. This was a much better showing compared to last week and hopefully the performance carries over for the rest of the season.

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