Sunday, September 19, 2010

End of the First Day

Lots to talk about. First, the flight on the way to DC was fairly uneventful. I sat next to a nice elderly couple that plans on taking a short five-day trip to DC and other historical sites nearby. However, when the plane flew over Missouri and Illinois at around 3 AM California time I woke and saw in the distance hundreds of lightning flashes over half an hour. It was almost as if hundreds of bombs were set off dozens of miles away. It was quite a tremendous site to see.

Once I arrived at Dulles. It was a quick pickup of my luggage and finding my transportation. However, it took over an hour to reach the UC Washington Center after driving though Virginia suburbs and Georgetown. Finally I made it to my suite and after several attempts to setup the internet access I was finally successful and finished unpacking around 11:30 Washington time.

The rest of the day consisted of me walking around the nearby area and finding a place for groceries. Even though its only 5 blocks away, Safeway seems so much further without the use of a bike or car. Finally, I finished my grocery shopping and went to find the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond which was harder to find than I initially thought. By the time I finished all my shopping for the day I was dead tired, but I managed to meet some new people.

I ended up havin Thai food with my roommate and three other women from our floor, two from UC Davis and one from UC Santa Cruz. The chicken was good but a little to spicy at times, but all in all a good dinner and night with fellow UCDC'ers.

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