Friday, September 24, 2010

Intern Duties

Today was a little less exciting than the first day but nonetheless I became more familiar with what an average day at The Raben Group is usually like. Most of my day was spent inputing congressional legislators who were members of particular committees and caucuses as it related to the issue of breast cancer. As most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have begun the process of putting together a list of targeted Congressmen and Senators that The Raben Group will eventually inform about an upcoming study regarding breast cancer and the potential environmental effects that can cause breast cancer in women who have no prior family history of breast cancer. The work was tedious and sometimes boring but I finished the long list before the day was over.

In addition to the previously mentioned task I also performed tasks that would usually be delegated to interns. During the planned fire drill I was sent to pick up a pre-ordered ice cream cake from a Ben and Jerry's near Dupont Circle (the same Ben and Jerry's the family visited during summer) and carry it back five blocks under 95 degree heat. Once I returned I was very flustered by the heat and needed a few minutes to cool off. Also, I had to re-file certain papers within folders and move heavy boxes from one part of the office to another section. Luckily, this is Friday and I have two days off and plan to use them well.

Later in the afternoon I went to dinner with two of my roommates, Daniel and Maurice, with two other girls from our floor, both of whom I went to dinner at the Thai food restaurant. Dinner was more generic, burger and fries, at a restaurant that had a little bit of everything. Once we made it back to the UC Center we spend the rest of the evening in their room playing various card games, laughing over random things, and enjoying each other's company while some drunk people nearly got into a fight outside the room.

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  1. Kevin,
    Your writing is tremendous! It is so enjoyable to read your blog because everything is written is such a smooth, easy, effortless manner. We look forward to reading about all that you are doing in DC. Have a great weekend and keep up the terrific work!
    Grandpa and Grandma