Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back at the Office

The past two days at the office have consisted of mostly reviewing the backgrounds of selected candidates who are running for Congress this fall and find out what their positions on the issue of immigration. Their are several interesting things I have noticed when researching candidates. Many republicans have degrees in a business related field of study and usually had a large chunk of their career come from the private sector. Most democrats tend to have earned degrees in social science or humanities majors (political science, classics, history) and most likely had previous experience in public service jobs. The one commonality between most candidates is that about 70% of the candidates have a law degree.

The tone of all candidates from both political parties is decidedly more conservative. Several Democrats tend to emphasize that they are for 'securing the border' before anything else. However, most are not as hard-line against illegal immigrants as most Republicans appear to be. The candidates are certainly  responding to the public being generally conservative on the issue of illegal immigration.

Today I helped setup a fundraiser held by Robert Raben at his house near Union Station for congressional candidate Joyce Elliot. In preparation for getting the fundraiser ready I finally learned how to make coffee. She is a Democrat, a former teacher, and currently a state senator and the majority leader in the Arkansas State Senate. Even though she is the underdog in the race she had a positive demeanor during her speech and I was very impressed with her story and attitude about running for Congress. When I told her that both of my parents are teachers and at one point used to be my teachers she was very surprised by that and gave props to my Dad for being a P.E. teacher, especially since many Arkansas schools do not have full-time P.E. teachers. The total amount of time it took I spent out of the office today was just under four hours.

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