Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain and Humidity

One thing I have learned is that even when it is dark, cloudy, and raining, it can still be warm and humid. Unfortunately I did not take it to heart during my out-of-office assignment. I was to deliver campaign contributions for congressional candidate Joyce Elliot and Congressman Martin Heinrich to an address that was located south of Capitol Hill and required me to take the Metro. However, all the walking that was required on my round trip took longer than expected and I was dumb enough to wear my jacket the entire time. By the time I made it back to the office it felt as if I had spent the last 45 minutes working out at the YMCA. The one saving grace was that the Metro cars were air conditioned and were relatively cool compared to the temperature and humidity today.

Other than that I continued on with my project in compiling profiles of congressional candidates and their views on immigration. I plan on finishing that tomorrow and will look forward to my next big assignment. Around the office there were several presentations that occurred throughout the day and large gatherings of people around the office. During my lunch break some of the other employees were discussing the big story around DC, Rahm Emanuel leaving his position of Chief of Staff to run for Mayor of Chicago. Throughout the day I checked updates on the growing controversy in California about Meg Whitman and her former housekeeper being an illegal immigrant. Assuming that Whitman knew about her housekeeper's,  status as an illegal immigrant, from my point-of-view I am not really surprised that someone as wealthy as Whitman had an illegal immigrant work for her in the past. I think we all know that for better or worse Californian's love to hire someone who is hard working and willing to take less money than most other people. When I spent last summer canvassing around East Bay suburbs, most of the people who I saw work on home improvement projects were Latino and typically spoke Spanish. That probably meant they were originally from another country and had a good chance of being illegal immigrants.

But enough about that, one final thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday I woke up at 6 AM to help out with a fundraiser for Congressman Martin Heinrich from New Mexico. It mostly went fine, with the exception of trying to find a non-dairy creamer in a nearby supermarket. I briefly talked with the Congressman for a minute and he seemed like a good guy. However, he spent most of his time with some bigwigs in another part of the House while myself and the other Raben Group employees hung back and made sure everything went without a hitch.

Side Note: Congressman Heinrich was declared Capitol Hill's most attractive person in a July edition of The Hill.

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