Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Work

First day of work is over and now I can relax. Left the suite at 8:50 and arrived at my desk at 8:55. Now that is a pretty nice commute to work. Unfortunately a small heat wave has hit DC and the weather was reminiscent of some of the summer days I spent in DC while on vacation. Fortunately I spent fewer than 5 minutes outside an air conditioned area all day.

For my first assignment I found six articles dealing with immigration from respectable news sources and copied them to a word document and had them sent to one of The Raben Group's Associate's Rosa. The stories I found mostly dealt with the DREAM Act and recent articles relating to Hispanic migrant workers.

For most of the day, I called a select list of congressional offices to contact particular congressional staffers. Whether I reached their voicemail or spoke to them directly, I called to inform them that a meeting would be held in the Cannon Office Building by Congressman Michael McMahon and dealt with his legislation HR 5564. Once the phone calls were done I took a cab with Associate Kevin Call and helped setup the room that would hold the meeting would take place in. Unfortunately with the room being so small I was essentially forced out of the room and stood outside of the room as the proverbial bouncer along with an intern from America Task Force Argentina. Once the meeting was done I hailed a cab and made my way back to the The Raben Group's offices and was was promptly reimbursed for the cab fare.

With nothing to do, I volunteered to help with The Raben Group's project related with its client The Breast Cancer Fund. My first duties will be to compile of list of Congressmen and Senators who are the members of particular caucuses and committees and list their office address and find out which legislative staffer deals with cancer/disease legislation.

However, before I could even start that I was e-mailed by my supervisor to watch C-SPAN and take notes on the live feed of speeches being given on the Senate floor. I do not know why I was supposed to do this but maybe it was a test for me in preparation of a future assignment I do not know about. We will just have to wait and see.


  1. What an exciting first day! I am sure your experience there will be great! Good luck tomorrow...Friday!!1 Hope you have a fun weekend planned in DC!

  2. That sounds great Kev! Glad they're already giving you a bit of responsibility on day 1. I'm sure it'll keep growing.

    I'm starting a blog series called Follow Friday where I featured three websites that I keep checking out during the week. I put you as the lead for this first installment. Check it out here: