Sunday, September 26, 2010

National Zoo

Today included a visit to the National Zoo, which like all Smithsonian Museum's was free. The zoo was divided into different sections. Sections were made for birds, mammals, invertebrates, wild cats (lions, tigers), apes, and reptiles. My personal favorite sections included the bird and ape sections were my favorite  with the wide amount of birds that I saw and getting to see the apes as close as we did was very cool. Fortunately, the rain that blew though the DC area only lasted for a half hour while we were at the zoo and eventually the sun came out during the last hour of our visit.

Once I made it back to the UC Center I read up on some of my homework and followed the Giants and Padres games and found out that Stanford has made it to the top ten in the AP Poll. I hope that the game between Stanford and Oregon will be broadcast on ABC here or else I cannot watch it in my room because we do not get ESPN2. Good to see the Giants in first place and to see Stanford not only win but dominate.

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  1. The Stanford vs. Oregon has been moved up to 5:00 and GameDay will be there!! The Giants play the Padres at 6:00 that night too so hopefully it will be two great wins for our teams!!! Go GIANTS!!! Go CARDINAL!