Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mass, Birthday, NLCS Ticket

This past weekend I visited two museums, the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Archives. The National Museum of the American Indian was full of cool artifacts and nice displays of the various tribes that have populated or still populate various portions of the American continents. The best part was several displays of Indian-made objects that were very creative, unique, and probably very expensive. The National Archives was much less crowded than I expected, even though I knew many people would be attending Church services or watching the Packers-Redskins game. Compared to visiting the Archives this past summer, this visit was much better. I did not have to wait half an hour in 100 degree weather and I was well rested from the previous night. Viewing the founding documents, along with the Nuremberg Laws, and a copy of the Magna Carta was very cool along with several of the interactive exhibits that included listening in on President's phone conversations including John Kennedy arguing with the Governor of Mississippi about desegregating the University of Mississippi and Lyndon Johnson convincing a former politician to join the Warren Commission.

On Monday, I realized how important Columbus Day is for the East Coast compared to California. They actually take the day off and The Raben Group's office were mostly empty and I was allowed to take the rest of the day off at noon. Once I left the office I headed to Saint Matthew's Cathedral to attend a 12:10 Mass just to see what it was like. What surprised me was how fast the entire Mass went, only 25 minutes.

Today, is course my 21st Birthday and I began to day with a morning visit to the Center for American Progress to sit in on a presentation about Latino children in poverty, which was a very informative presentation about how poverty has increased among young Latinos and the means that are being used to curb and ultimately lower the rate of childhood poverty. I was plenty excited about going to the nearby liquor store and not have to worry about being rejected for being to young. I got a Captain Morgan rum bottle which I would eventually use for rum and Cokes. Later that, night I went to Annie's Steakhouse with my roommates and ordered a New York Sirloin Steak which was delicious and worth every penny that I did not have to pay for as my roommates offered to pay as a birthday gift. Once we got back, all four of us went to another apartment  and had cake vanilla cake with chocolate frosting that was prepared by some of my DC friends. Thanks Sonja, Deanna, Christina, and So Young. Following the cake was rum and Coke time. :)

Do not worry I did not get wasted, just a little drunk.

One last interesting sidenote. In light of my pre-determined trip to Philadelphia with other UCDC people, I will be attending Game 1 of the NLCS between the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies with the ultimate pitching match-up, Tim Lincecum vs. Roy Halladay. I will be seated in Section 201 Row 9 Seat 23 which is in the second deck of the right-center field bleachers. Check a seating chart of Citizen's Bank Ballpark in order to get a good idea of where I will sit for the game. And I promise that I will post pictures of my time in Philadelphia.

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  1. I love this post with such a wide variety of interesting happenings and events!!! I am glad you had a great 21st birthday!!! What nice roomates to treat you to your steak dinner!! Glad you just got a little drunk even though we didn't have to worry about any of you driving!!! Your trip to Philly should be great and WHAT A THRILL TO BE AT GAME 1!!! I hope it is the best pitching duel in MLB playoff history and that you will have a terrific time!! Take loads of pictures but don't piss off any Philly phans!!!! Have a great couple days of interning and a fantastic weekend! It's hard to beieve you have been there for four weeks.....time has flown, make the best of the rest!!!!