Thursday, October 14, 2010

Countdown to NLCS and Newseum

Today I printed out my ticket for Game 1 and it has finally hit me that I will actually be attending my first playoff game ever, and its taking place 3,000 miles away from the Bay Area. I've looked a bit closer at where i will be sitting and it will be near the edge of the 2nd deck right field stands. One thing that I am still debating is how to handle myself around a bunch of Philadelphia fans who are notoriously harsh against opposing fans. Should I stick it to them whenever something goes the Giants' way during the game just to piss them off or do I tone it down. My guess is that I will get into a shouting match with some drunk fan by the 6th inning that will amount to nothing.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday my Media seminar went to the Newseum for free and it was a very good experience. Some of the best sections of the Newseum included the hall of every Pulitzer Prize winning photos, excerpts of news reports from the major events of the 20th and 21st Century, the 9/11 Section, the hall of dozens of newspapers that reported on historic events. You can see some of the front pages at the end of the blog. Since we were able to enter for free that made it all the better since the $20 entrance does seem a bit steep.

After I left the Newseum I needed to a get a haircut since my hair was getting a bit out of control for me to take proper care of it and have a presentable look while at work. So I headed for the closest barber shop and ended up having my first experience at a primarily African-American barbershop. It was a fun time. One of the customers there had a great sense of humor and connected well with the three barbers as they bantered and joked most of the time I was there. The barbershop was a place to let loose and banter about anything and not have to worry to much about what you had to say. Most importantly, Vincent did a good job and continued my endless streak of not having a bad haircut.

Here are the front pages of newspapers reporting key events over the past 70 years.

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