Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I cannot believe that it has been more than 5 weeks since I first arrived. It does not seem like it was that long ago when I first arrived at Dulles International but time has flown by so far.

At work, I have finished with the longest assignment I have dealt with so far. After updating all of MALDEF's contact listings for various journalists all over the LA area and the nation it was nice to get into a different assignment and rhythm today. For a few hours I attended a speech/discussion held by the American Constitution Society's Washington chapter that discussed the use of the filibuster in the Senate and how the unwritten rules of using the filibuster have been completely shattered over the past 5 years. Not the most interesting topic for about 99.5% of the public but for a political junkie like me it was not bad. One of the coolest things about the discussion was where it was located, on the top floor of what has to be one of the biggest law firms in DC. When you walk into the lobby building its as if you walked into a half office building-half greenhouse, without the plants. At least half of the building's area was open spaces, filled a pond, nice seating area, and a glass roof that let in the sunlight.

Tomorrow for my Media seminar I am to practice being a television political analyst for a local television statement. I will have three minutes to try and answer four questions that I have been given in advance in a manner similar to what you may see on a local news broadcast. We shall see how I do.

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