Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well its been 8 years but we are back. The World Series is heading back to the Bay Area and I could not be more happier. The nervousness I felt throughout Game 6 gave way to unadulterated joy and shots of Captain Morgan rum. Anyway, the World Series is upon us and the eyes of the baseball world will fall upon the San Francisco Giants.

Earlier today I visited the National Portrait Gallery with my roommates and saw several interesting and  well crafted exhibits. There was a section of Presidential Portraits that included a pixelated painting of Bill Clinton, and impressionist portrait of John Kennedy, and the newest Presidential portrait that featured George W. Bush. Another exhibit featured portraits of Americans who are currently alive and are well known in their respected fields including, sports, politics, architecture, science, and entertainment. But the best one was the Norman Rockwell exhibit, which unfortunately forbade me for taking any pictures. The collection will be on display until the end of 2010 and will return to the donors who own all of the paintings, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Among my favorite paintings were "Little Girl Looking Downstairs at Christmas Party" "A Time for Greatness" "Triple Self Portrait" and "Happy Birthday Miss Jones" and the "Four Freedoms" paintings. All of his paintings were very well done and opened my eyes to a painter I barely even hard of before today.

Not much to report about at work but since the elections are coming up soon I believe it will get very interesting at work in the near future. Will keep you posted. And for my honest opinion. I believe that the Democrats will lose the House, the name John Boehner will become very well-known in two monts, the Senate will stay Democratic but barely, and Jerry Brown will once again be California's Governor.

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  1. Yeah, Giants!
    Love Norman Rockwell!
    Go Democrats!
    We want Jerry!!!