Friday, November 5, 2010

A week full of stuff

Well I fly 3,000 miles for an internship and the Giants win the World Series. Go figure. It was great to see them finally win it all for the first time in more than half a century. I watched the last game at a bar with other Giants fans from the UC Center at a bar that was located next door to the a strip club called "Camelot." However, we did not go inside after the game was over.

Election Night was of course a blood bath for Democrats all over the nation with the exception of California. From my end most of my Election Night and Morning was spent keeping track of every governors congressional race that took place east of the Mississippi River and identify every winner's stance on particular issues. This was done for a client and took me until 4 AM in the morning to complete the entire assignment. In addition, I had to write a news article that summarized all of Election Night's results. I started the assignment at 9:30 AM and turned it in at 10:28 AM, two minutes before the deadline.

On Wednesday, The Raben Group held a meeting regarding about who lost and how certain congressional committees the firm continuously monitors will change. Discussions mostly revolved around who will become the new Chairman of House and Senate Committees.

I spent all of Thursday at The Reagan Building and International Trade Center to attend a CQ-Roll Call post election analysis. There were more than four sessions that discussed whether there was a mandate, what Republicans will do in Congress, how Obama may respond, and how the internal struggles from both parties might play out.

Today, I spent the morning in the Rayburn House Office Building to attend an event put on by Principle of The Raben Group's and featured congressional staffers from from both parties and both houses of Congress and how the election will impact education legislation/spending. After that two major political strategists discussed the election and why they thought what happened happened. Later in the day my two bosses took me and the two other interns to get cupcakes at Farragut Square.

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